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Over about a 10 year span, Joe Culbreth and his family turned a nap weed field into an English garden inspired fruit and nut farm. In 2019 the Howard family bought the farm and have been working on making it their own.

So far by planting 3,500 new blueberry plants, 30 different fruit trees, 300 blackberry and raspberry plants. Along with a variety of veggies every year. Not to mention the 40,000 strawberry plants added by hand as well.

We'd love for you to kindly visit our home and enjoy some of our labor of love.

About Us

farm crew
the Howard family


Since Kalan was a young boy, he loved gardening. Some of his favorite produce to grow was blueberries. His grandma bought him books all about blueberry growing. From then on, he dreamed of owning and operating a blueberry farm. 

10 Years later, that dream came true. In 2019 He bought 10 acres from farmer Joe Culbreth (he still owns and operates our neighbor farm 'Berry and Nut Farm'.)

Kalan still have big dreams for the farm's future and loves providing fresh produce to the community.

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